• Company

    • Introduction

    • Founded on 11 December 1989, the company has years of experience in the metals industry dedicated to the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

      Specialists in the recycling and processing of aluminium and its alloys, and other non-ferrous metals.

      Located in the town of Rubí, Barcelona province, in the heart of the Vallés Occidental industrial region, the company has extensive facilities, including offices, laboratory for spectrometer analysis, 2100 m² warehouse and 5260 m² of land. We also have a 900 m² plant in Elche de la Sierra, Albacete province. Both facilities are equipped for handling non-ferrous metals, mainly aluminium.

      The company’s main business activity is wholesale trading in industrial waste within the scrap metal sector, with professional association number 1,035.

    • Mission and Vision

    • The skills, motivation, professionalism and experience of our staff, in our opinion, along with our clients and suppliers, are the most important factor for carrying out our work, which we undertake with the utmost care and commitment.

      To ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of our work, our facilities include a fully-equipped laboratory with a mobile spectrometer to periodically analyse non-ferrous metals with precise reliability and efficiency, automatic presses for processing metals, metal cutters, a mobile press and lorries for collecting metal from our suppliers’ premises.

      Our vehicles are equipped with the latest technology, containers, cranes, self-loading equipment, self-supporting containers, which, with coordination by our logistics team, always ensure the best service, with authorised carrier code T-664 and authorised processor no. E-107.95 issued by the Regional Government of Catalonia’s Department of the Environment.

    • Capacity

    • We have an excellent infrastructure with a high capacity to process approximately 24,000 tonnes per year of aluminium scrap and its different alloys. 

      We process the material with strict supervisory and weighing control to ensure that the best results are always obtained. This is achieved through analysis of alloys by means of a spectrometer to prevent classification errors.

      Our automatic processing machinery produces various material packing formats and provides before and after control of packaging, ensuring that every effort is made to provide our clients with the best quality and weighing accuracy, which is achieved with the use of weighing machines that can handle up to 3 tonnes of material and a weighbridge for weighing lorries and trailers.

    • Historia de Morgar Recuperaciones
    • Historia de Morgar Recuperaciones
    • Historia de Morgar Recuperaciones
    • Morgar Recuperaciones
  • Equipment and Staff

  • Morgar Recuperaciones, S.A.’s equipment consists of lorries with cranes, self-contained compactors, roll-off skips and containers, and our services include container hire and material collection, for which we can be contacted if you require the collection of non-ferrous or ferrous materials for recycling.

    At Morgar Recuperaciones, S.A., we are very aware of the importance of having an excellent team of staff, and, because of this, we believe that motivation and our employees’ relationship with the company, as well as their knowledge of materials, is fundamental.

    The friendly service and motivation of our employees are key factors in ensuring client satisfaction through a job well done, while maintaining reliability and a good atmosphere, with the strict requirements necessary to obtain the highest quality.

    Our team is fully qualified and regularly participates in on-going training programmes that enable us to maintain the professional level required in a world in constant evolution and development.

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